With Triorient's many years of experience working with shipping lines, trucking companies, railways, and stevedores through the world, the company is able to bring logistical support to ensure stable and consistent delivery of steel or raw materials worldwide and fulfillment of all parties contractual obligations. Triorient handles high volumes of imports/exports from most US and foreign ports in the world.

The company specializes in providing logistics, freight distribution and warehousing to both foreign and domestic companies. This service proves a very cost effective way for many companies to distribute their goods to customers around the world without having a physical presence.  Triorient is able to offer a door to door service in many products including weather sensitive cargoes.

Triorient’s logistics department has many years of experience in all types of commodities and can ship to most countries cost effectively, utilizing proven transportation carriers and licensed brokers to make certain that shipments are cleared through customs in a minimum of time.  The long standing relationship that Triorient has built with stevedoring companies, brokers, freight forwarders and shipping lines ensures that both supplier and customer experience a smooth, one on one professional service.