Triorient purchases from the leading iron ore producers in Venezuela trading upwards of 500,000 metric tons per annum. Our partnership with a leading vessel broker and the experience of our logistics team ensures safe and IMO compliant delivery to your location. Please contact us for more information about our iron ore products procurement services.
IRON ORE FINESIron ore in its natural form which has a particle size predominantly below 6.35 mm.
IRON ORE LUMPIron ore in its natural form which has a particle size predominantly above 6.35 mm.
IRON ORE PELLETSSpherical shaped agglomerates produced from concentrates and natural iron ores of various mineralogical and chemical composition.
IRON ORE CONCENTRATEIron ore which is mined, crushed and beneficiated for silica removal and then dehydrated.
IRON OXIDE FINESIron ore fines generated from previous processing and sizing of iron ore products and raw iron ore.