Triorient is an international trader of high quality carbon products, sourcing raw materials from Colombia, United States, China, Australia and Europe. Triorient procures, transports and sells these products into markets where they can be utilize to produce steel, electric power, cement and other products. Our knowledgeable contacts with more than 50 years of experience in the steel and energy industry together with our experience in matching the highest quality and affordable materials, assures that our customer needs are fulfilled.
METALLURGICAL COKEMetallurgical  coke is used in multiple industries as a carbon source, where a high quality and resilient carbon is essential. Common uses include the production of steel, steel industry processes and  ferroalloys.
METALLURGICAL COAL:Mined in select countries throughout the world for the processing of metallurgical coke.
PETROLEUM COKE A solid carbon material produced from high temperature treatment of heavy petroleum fractions. Used for power generation by power plants and fuel gas generation plants and for the production of electricity.